Recent Before & After Photos

Damage in Department Store

A broken pipe is the reason for all these ceiling tiles having to come down. The facility manager had called their insurance about the problem and was referred ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in San Angelo Property

Flooding is a common occurrence that requires fast action to mitigate the damages caused by the water. This crawl space was ready for typical water intrusion wi... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in San Angelo

Flooding in this basement was not what the business owners were looking forward to this close to school starting. The water heater had broken and flooded the ba... READ MORE

Leaky Laundry Hookups Cause Mold

Although the damage to the wall is extensive it was the mold behind the wall that was more destructive. Finding Mold The owners of this home in San Angelo didn'... READ MORE

Kitchen Damaged by Fire

The technicians from SERVPRO of San Angelo specialize in fire and water damage restoration. It is the "bread and butter" of our workday. We are always striving ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Ballinger, TX

When the pipe burst over this kitchen the homeowners did not expect to see all their insulation inside their kitchen. Broken Pipe Floods Kitchen If your home su... READ MORE

Home Damaged by Fire

Cleaning a fire loss can be tricky depending on the type of damage. These two pictures are of different losses but with different styles of cleaning procedures.... READ MORE

Damaged Roof Led to Water Damage

This older building just couldn't handle the last storm and the roof had given out letting in gallons of water from the heavy rains. This room flooded after the... READ MORE

Water Damaged Commercial Facility

The water damage started behind the wall paper of this hotel in San Angelo. The water started seeping through the drywall and onto the carpet. As soon as it was... READ MORE

Closet Smelled Like Mold

The closet of this bedroom had always smelled a little off but it wasn't until the closet was cleaned out that they found the source of the problem. Mold Found ... READ MORE